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Brand: DAZN Boxing

DAZN Boxing:
It's On!

Branding | Creative

DAZN's mission is to become the ultimate destination for all sports fans. With its incremental brand awareness within combat sports, specifically, we evolved its boxing sub-brand to help connect with fight fans, and position the franchise as the global home of boxing. We wanted to convey what makes DAZN boxing unique: A platform that brings fights from “the four corners of the world” to fight fans all over the world. And as with every fight, after all the build up, weigh-ins, press conferences, training and trash talk, boxing is settled in the four corners of the ring. It’s within these four corners we witness the visceral world of boxing spark to life.

Role: Lead Creative
Creative Director: Will McMullan
Head of Design: Stewart McMillan
Design: Dan Westwood
Motion: Jan-Ulrich Meyer

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