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¡Unidos!  A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Script | Creative

Hispanics in the U.S. face the reality of being labeled in a way that falls short of doing justice to their cultures and nuances. While the common thread amongst Hispanics is their language, the fact remains that, culturally, every group is too different.

We produced this 90" motivational piece to kick-off DAZN's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in 2022. Using boxing as the common medium in the story, we touch upon social issues that concern the Hispanic community: the sacrifices when seeking a better life, and often times living under a low profile. We then shift the tone towards that standing tall and proud. To embrace our values and our nuances, and to stand united above all.

Role: Lead Creative

Producer: Harry F. Smith

Editors: Roberto & Giovanna Stenner

Voiced by: Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora

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