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SleepScore Max

Branding | UX

For each of us, sleep is essential. Elemental. Magical. An unconscious metamorphosis. A rare opportunity for the mind, body, and spirit to rejuvenate. SleepScore Labs has unlocked the mysteries of sleep to increase and unleash the potential inside you. Health. Energy. Happiness. 

Role: Lead Designer

Agency: Mindgruve

7553ae64236541.5acbd202ede86 (1).jpg
SleepScore Max_13.jpg

We designed an aura to reflect the innovative technology behind SleepScore, and bring to life a grading system for the user to experience directly on the app. A brighter and bigger aura equaled a better night's sleep.

This graphic element because a prominent aspect of the visual identity, driving the concept for product packaging as well.

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